How to learn? We know the 7 ways you should try during your studies

Graduation is already at the door and some may have begun to prepare for it. Not only graduates will appreciate some advice on how to learn effectively.

Do some exercise sometimes

Sport and physical exertion are important; A regular workout or a half-hour walk after a day of learning will help you. The physical load increases the heart rate, resulting in faster blood circulation. As a result, more oxygen gets into your precious skull, making you more productive and less tired and stressed out.

Start as soon as possible

When you really have to do something, start it as soon as possible. Ideally in the morning. Otherwise, there is a risk that you will keep putting it off for a little while, with your reluctance growing with each subsequent postponement. When you finally find out in the evening that you have done nothing.

Use color highlighters

Your notes (if any) will be clearer and more memorable than if they were black and white.

Get the tests from previous years

It depends on the particular teacher, but most teachers have better things to do than to invent the same challenging tests every year with an absolutely original type of assignment. Of course, the tests will vary in detail, but they usually stay the same, so there is no harm to ask older students.

Write the most important

… In brief entries. Something like extracts from listings. It helps you get a better overview.

Reward yourself for the work done

No one can work continuously, that would be a one-way ticket to a madhouse. Well done work should be followed by a reasonable reward. You don’t necessarily have to go down to your favorite pub and then do the rest the next day. But a little contact with people is needed, go get some coffee, go to the cinema, go to KFC…

Calm down

Life is not just about studying, you don’t have to get the best marks from each test. A certain degree of ambition does not hurt, but don’t be too hard on yourself. It is not the end of the world that a test or test does not come to your liking. Smile and move on. You still live in that part of the world where life is beautiful and simple. It would be a shame not to enjoy it because of the stamp stress.