Learn less and remember more. Go on, plug in all the senses

Memory is a complex mechanism for which forgetting is natural and necessary. How to make saving information as effective as possible? Focus more on learning and look for connections.

Memory sorts information by their importance. The most valuable is stored in short-term memory. By repeating the information, we move it to long-term memory, where we are pampered by occasional reminders. If you concentrate on learning as much as possible from the start, you will make a lot of work easier.

Before you start learning

Create the best possible conditions for learning. If you are already gasping for books, something is wrong. Make sure you have enough oxygen and a comfortable temperature in your room. Pay full attention to learning. Don’t be distracted by running TV or loud music. The mess on the desk that prevents your view of the textbook will not help.

1. When you learn for yourself

Make sure that no one will disturb or distract you while learning. Read the substance several times and try to understand it. Build a lift from the text and skip unnecessary information. Read the chapter again and recall important points from the head. Sometimes it helps you to walk around the room while learning.

You can also use a mobile phone as a teaching aid. Record clues in your phone and listen to them anytime of the day.

Make the first short repetition after ten minutes. It is proven that 75% of information is forgotten without repetition within 24 hours. Therefore, a day later remind yourself of the whole issue again.

Choose your own learning style. There are many features that will make it easier for you to remember. Engage more senses. It is not enough to see, read aloud, look at pictures and combine facts with ordinary things. When you need to equip your knowledge, you will not only see the title color and the approximate position of the substance in the workbook.

Set aside an hour for the curriculum

Can’t you force yourself to learn? “If you reserve one hour of learning each day, always at the same time, you will know the results. Learning will become natural for you and you will not have to talk to it all day. You will just know that at eight in the evening you are going to learn and no one can disturb you until nine, ”advises the counselor.

2. When you are learning a partner

It is essential that you all read the same notes and books while learning. Otherwise there would be unnecessary misunderstandings. Read the text aloud and try to absorb important information. Later, put them together and put them on the paper.

Use questions and answers to clarify the gaps and discuss the topic. Try to try each other.

Read the material again at home to get more information. Repeat everything one day later.

Do not judge the subject at the beginning. You never know when your knowledge will come in handy. When you learn your own style of learning, you will soon see results.